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Healthy diet and lose weight with nutritions

              **Since 1995**

  • Excellent and authentic flavor 正宗的风味
  • Easy & time saving 经济实惠 简单省时的烹饪


Harvest 2000 Pho broth base Mix 越南河PHO汤底粉 33183

Harvest 2000 Pho Broth Base Mix 越南河汤底粉

This tasty blend of savory from hydrolyzed soy and corn protein with unique spices and natural flavor bring you the rich, simple and yet a fabulous Pho aroma broth base. Add slice beef or Chicken ,sliced onion, green onion, cilantro, bean sprout and cooked noodle to create an authentic homey, comfortable Pho noodle soup, easy to prepare, yummy and economic

  • Economix Size, 45 cups opr 11 quarte of broth per can (16 oz Can) 经济实惠 可煮45碗汤底
  • Excellent and authentic Flavor正宗的风味
  • Recommend : add 1.5 tsp or to taste of Harvest 2000 Pho Mix to 1 cup of water boiling 用 1.5茶匙 或 自调测口味 Harvest 2000 越南河汤 底粉 加 1杯水煮沸
  • No MSG Monosodium Glutamite added 不添加味精


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Harvest 2000 Hot and Sour Soup Base Mix 酸辣汤粉 33187

Hot & Sour Soup  
Hot and Sour Soup Mix 酸辣汤粉

The excellent well blend of savory, peppery, spicy and sour flavors  of Harvest2000 Hot and Sour Soup Mix  bring you joy and an exciting aroma soup. Add lots of your favorite vegetables for nutrition and fiber, tofu, mushrooms and egg. Enjoy a bowl of homemade rich flavored Hot & Sour Soup

  • Vegetarian 素食酸辣汤
  • Economic Size, yield 22 Cups of Soup per Can (16 oz, by weight) 经济实惠可煮22碗香辣濃湯
  • Adding 3 tsp to 4 tsp of Harvest 2000 Hot and Sour Soup Mix to a cup of water, boil. Adding Tofu and your favorite vegetables to make a comfort and delicious bowl of homey soup
  • 加3至4茶匙酸辣汤粉入1碗水,煮沸,再加入豆腐, 菇類,蔬菜,雞蛋,麵條,隨意,一碗香醇浓辣湯面制成
  • No MSG Monosodium Glutamite added不添加味精


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